Web sites are a good way of bringing together different aspects of one's life. I've brought together various interests of mine, from my lifelong obsession with books, to picturesque activities such as dancing and whitewater paddling. Some things were put up on my site back in the 90's and haven't changed, but I've also added new sections, such as the all-consuming renovations on my house. My newest project is rewriting this web site so you may see some different styles on it as the project goes forward. As you come across those older pages, just think of it as a walk in the past.


addition upstairs library cat

I've spent over 2 years renovating my house. I started by putting a 2 story dormer on one side which let me add a bathroom upstairs, along with a cosy library nook. I continued by gutting the downstairs bathroom, then the kitchen, and ended by adding skylights and replastering in the great room. Renovations

Past Lives

skating Graduation

A Photo Journal of growing up in the 50's and 60's along with a scattering of photos from other times. Past Lives

A Walk to the Quabbin


There's a stream that crosses Junkett Road on its way to the Quabbin. One year Dale and I followed it down and the next year we followed it again, this time with our cameras. Quabbin Walk