Family Reunion: Maine, August 1999

At Two Lights State Park

Three Generations Dad, Chuck, and Mom The Cousins The Cousins Again

Three Generations, then Dad, Chris and Mom, followed by a couple of pictures of the "cousins".

Big Alex and Kara Big Alex and Kara Nancy, Little Alex and Kara Nancy

Big Alex & Kara twice, then Nancy, Little Alex & Kara, then Nancy by herself.

Group shot Dad and Bub Typical pose

A Group Shot, Dad & Bub, then Dad in a typical pose.

More on the Rocks More on the Rocks

more on the rocks...

Beach to Beacon Race

Terri finishes Portland Head Mary, in an Andy sandwich Monica and co.

At Portland Head, Terri crosses the finish line in under 43 minutes while Mary, in an Andy sandwich, Monica & Big Alex, Karen, and Andy all spectate.

Kara, around the town

The Pepsodent commercial ice cream

Kara, in a Pepsodent commercial and having ice cream.

Group Shots

On Skimmer On Skimmer who's babies?

Group shots on Skimmer, and who's are those babies?