A Photo Journal: a tribute to my father

Once there grew in Michigan a little girl named Andy Sue. She lived in a little white house with her mother and her father. She would look to her big brother to help when she needed it. She also had a younger sister and when they weren't fighting, they got along quite well. And so there were three brothers and sisters.

In the summer she would play on the beach and hike with her family. In the winter she would ski at Caberfae and skate at McGrapf Park. Like many other girls her age, she loved playing horses, even when she had to ride in the back. And once she got to go sailing on Lake Michigan

At Easter, she would gather in what loot she could. And at Christmas she'd cast covetous looks at her sister's haul.

One day another sister was born. ("I'll hold her down while you tickle her.") It was as much fun as having a new doll! Now there were four to play on the beach and watch the sunset.

For vacation, the whole family would drive back east where there were trains to play on and grandparents to love.

Every Christmas, her father would take a picture of all the kids. Sometimes the unanticipated happened. Or are those knowing looks on the other siblings?

Along the way another brother was born. And now there were five.

Though not many people knew it, this child could walk on water. It was later to be a great asset in her whitewater career.

There were many sides to this child. Sometimes she could be most angelic and sometimes downright grumpy. She danced in a dance recital (in the ugliest costume ever created) and sang in the church choir. She would sit and ponder the meaning of the universe (42) However, being a blood thirsty young child, she and her sister would while away their spare time laying traps for poor unsuspecting rabbits. She was good, though, and never (well, almost never) pulled the bark off the white birches in the front yard.

Last, but not least, she provided good blackmail fodder:

A fun time was had by all.

Just hanging out, having a relaxing time.