JT's Big Adventure

My Mom never lets me go outside. Then one day we had a big storm. Not the biggest, that had been a month before, but big nevertheless. Boy, I wish Mom would let me outside to play.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Mom let me out! She thinks I can't get into any trouble because I can't get off the deck.

What is that lump? I don't remember that lump. Who put that lump there?

Here I am, JT, the daring master explorer. I'll figure what that lump is.

Watch out, here comes JT, King Lion on the prowl.

And then I jumped off the deck and Mom had to fetch me through thigh high snow...


JT was born on tax day in a barn. I don't know if that has anything to do with his idiosyncrasies.

August 2000

JT, I have decided, must have 99 lives to still be around. He seems to forget that height exists until he's (rapidly) on his way down.

jt jt

March 2001

JT, being my cat, is not afraid of water. Sinks are a favorite place of his. "Come on, Mom, turn the water on!"