Morris Dancing

Sherborne LeapingMorris Dancing has been described as ancient ritualistic fertility dancing, a way to keep in touch with the turning of the seasons. Some people just call it an excuse to drink beer.

Green River Tap and Die

Right now I'm enjoying being part of a new Molly team that is forming. Though this tradition is based around dancing at Plough Monday in early January, we were having so much fun we decided to extend the season. Green River Tap and Die has just started dancing out and we are having a blast.

Guiding Star Clog Morris

Guiding Star Clog

I've danced with Guiding Star since around 2000. We dance Northwest Clog which originated in Lancaster England 150 years ago. It's unusual because it's from an urban tradition, rather than an agricultural one. Guiding Star

Wake Robin Morris

morris pictureI joined Wake Robin the year it started, in 1982, and danced with them for 18 years. There's something about dancing the Cotswold tradition that can't be beat. Wake Robin

Welcome, Yule!

Welcome Yule

Well, ok, so maybe it's not Morris, but that's how I got into it. Besides, it's also a celebration of the perpetual turning of the seasons.

We are in our twenty-odd year of performing this theatrical celebration of the yule season with singing, dancing, and stories. Planning goes on year round with rehearsal starting early in October. It culminates with weekend performances at the Shea Theatre in Turners Falls, MA the second weekend in December. It's a wonderful way to spend the season.

Welcome yule

One year I was the artistic director and we did show featuring Welsh traditions. It was quite interesting teaching a whole chorus to pronounce Welsh without them spitting at everyone.

If you've never been, you should check it out. If you do, you're sure to return. Welcome Yule