Tarr Territory

Rockport is "Tarr Territory" The first permanent settler was Richard Tarr, our Tarr ancester who came over from Great Britain in the 1600's. We are actually descended from 3 of that Richard Tarr's children as well as from John Poole, the second settler in the area.

Andy, Nancy, Jenn, Karen, Mom, Jessica, Kara, Joanne, Terri

1st settler

The Cousins: Joanne, Jessica, Jenn, Kara

Cousins Cousins Cousin Cousins Cousins

The Sisters: Terri, Karen, Andy


Various Tarr houses:

tarr house tarr house tarr house

Then we moved on to the Burying Ground on land that was donated by the first Richard Tarr. TarrsTarrs

I particularly like how it says that Richard Tarr is from "Wales, England" .

Burying Ground Wales

Tarr Women Reunion, August 2001

The Tarr Women all got to get for a long weekend on the East Coast in August of 2001. There was Mom, 3 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, and 4 granddaughters. Monica, with her young children, couldn't make it and we missed her!

Mom flew into Logan Airport Friday morning. I met her and we took the T into Boston. We wandered around Fanniuel Hall and Quincy Market in the 100 degree weather, had lunch, and were back at the Airport just as the thunderstorms began and Logan was closed to all incoming and outgoing planes.

Terri and Kara were stuck circling around Boston above the storm waiting for the airport to reopen. Eventually it did and they got down safely. We figured Karen's plane would be fine since it wasn't due for a while yet and the airport was now open. Unfortunately, that wasn't how it worked. While we waited, Waiting at the airport her plane from Houston was halted well before it hit the Northeast and forced to land in North Carolina. After talking to Karen while she sat on the plane in Greensboro via those wonderful cell phones, we left her to her own devices. No one knew if the plane would even make it to Boston that night. There was talking of rerouting into Canada and coming in the back way...

Friday DinnerWe met Nancy, Joanne, and Jessica (Jenn would be taking the train in from Boston the next morning) at the Sea Lion Motel outside Gloucester and went into Rockport for dinner. Karen After dinner some of us wandered around the still lively Rockport. When we got back to the motel, there was Karen! Friday dinner 2She'd gotten in and had found a shuttle service to drive her out to Gloucester. The drive took 45 minutes, but finding where to go first took 20 minutes! So then the 3 sisters when out for a second meal.

The next morning, while we were waiting to get into breakfast, we checked out the inner harbor.

Breakfast Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor.

Then after breakfast, one group of 3 sisters checked out the outer harbor while the others went to meet Jenn's train.

harbor harbor

We spent a lot of time walking around the little shops in Rockport.


A few of us even bought things.


Sea Fencibles Some of the cousins had their picture taken in old fashioned clothes. Kara thought that was the best part of the trip. We went past the "Sea Fencible" building where Capt. Billy served to help repell invaders at the age of 13 during the War of 1812.

As it happens, we never got to the beach that weekend, but we could see it (in the distance) from our hotel and as we walked around.

view beach

tarrs roadtarrs lane Sunday rained all day and we lost our Maine contingent. We skipped the whale watch we were planning on and took a quick trip around Cape Ann, stopping to check out the Tarr's Road and Lane.

We went into Gloucester to see the list of the people who died at sea. Terri counted 14 Tarrs. list2 Gloucester list1 GF

plymouthThen we drove down to Plymouth to check out the Mayflower II and the Rock. The wax museum was fun, as well.

That evening we had dinner at the Capt Kidd in Woods Hole.

Capt Kidd Capt Kidd Capt Kidd

ferryThe next day, license platesamidst the fog and rain, we went to Martha's Vineyard. Kara was collecting license plates (she got over half the states) and thought watching the cars exiting the ferry might net her a few.

GrandmaWe saw Grandma Tarr's old house in Vineyard Haven, , rode on the Flying Horses in Oaks Bluff, Gay Headsaw the little gingerbread houses where Great Grandpa and Grandma Craig used to live, and went out to Gay Head.

gay head gay head gay head gay head.

We were briefly in West Tisbury, but didn't have time to wander through the statue garden there.

The ferry trip back to Woods Hole was eerie. We could see the mainland near the beginning of the trip, but by the end we could bearly see the dock as we came in.


McDonaldsThe next morning it was back to the airport, with a quick stop on the way.

The End.