C1 Slalom Racing


I started doing a little whitewater slalom racing with the result that in the 2000 National Standings I was ranked 8th in the nation in the C1-W class. Now that you are properly impressed, I will admit that that was on the strength of running in 5 races, in 2 of which I was not last.


The racing season is in the spring and fall of each year. And when I say "spring" I am including spring-New-England-style. Check out the icicles on the boat. Practice day for Punch Brook 2000 was in the 60's, the next day, race day, was blisteringly cold with 3 inches of snow. Of course, that was better than the prior race where it was 11 degrees on practice day, and a sizzling 14 on race day.


Pillow RockI haven't gotten out much the last few years, but for most of 10 years I spent about 60 days on the river every year. One of these days I'll get back out there. This picture is from the most difficult river I ever ran, the Upper Gauley in West Virginia.

On the River

Dryway The West

Most of my later paddling was done in C1's which are decked canoes that look just like a kayak, but you kneel in them and use a canoe paddle.This is me on the river I paddled the most often, the Dryway Section of the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts. This particular rapid is the Dragon's Tooth. Also called Monroe Bridge, this part of the river is dam controlled and runs 32 times a year. It's the only advanced water nearby that runs in the summer.

My friend Don is showing what a C1 can do at the classic ender spot on the West River in Jamacia, Vermont. It's not nearly so popular anymore since the advent of the short boat. Those short boats just can't match the drama of a long boat's ender.

socem dog C1

These last two pictures are just to show that C1's can go where kayaks can. The one on the left is at Soc em Dog, a Class V rapid on the Chattooga. I've done this rapid, but only in the (less demanding) kayak. I used to know where this picture is from, but my mind is getting foggy. I'm sure it would be even foggier if it were me in the picture.